VA - Orpgic Mysts

by SiShiVa



Visionary Shamanics Records Is proud to present A nightime psychedelic foresty Greek odyssey, compiled By Looney - A fresh collection of Storytellers to bring the Orphic Mysts Visions alive ....


released July 10, 2015


Flown from weary karmic wheel passing
ancient greek cult begins incantations chanting
eager feet groove deep psychedelic trancing
Orpheus charming musics hypnotic sounds
sacred fire ritual circle let all attend around
initiation of this spiritual cleansing now
purifying evils from all bodily existences
eventually to achieve pure heavenly essences
divine origins shattered fragments of lost souls goal
liberating from evil titanic inheritences hold
purgatory process of souls transmigration
flowing from lower to higher astral meditation
intergration of dionysus and titan archetypes
reaching eternal blessedness in these holy rites

released June 10, 2015

Mastering - Petran
Visionary Art - Jimacidico Graphics
Shamanic Poetry - Mystical Voyager
Compiled By Looney



all rights reserved


SiShiVa Greece

Sissy Danou ( aka Sishiva ), is one of the rare female psychedelic trance produser in Greece, who is born in Athens.

At 2009 she studies Audio Engineering in S.A.E. Athens.
Sishivas music is characterized dark, forest, atmospheric, psychedelic trance, groovy, funky, jazzy with night melodies!
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